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Why is concern about global warming so politically polarized?

Does the IPCC say we have until 2030 to avoid catastrophic global warming?

On doing science

The fact illusion: Objective truth is elusive in (climate) science

Math Models and Climate Change: S.T.E.M. Day talk at Quarry Lane School

Credibility through honesty about uncertainty

Making a case vs. analyzing data in the climate change debate

Defending science at the People’s Climate March

Human-environment interaction

Overestimating the Human Influence on the Economic Costs of Extreme Weather Events

Net economic impact of UN global warming mitigation targets

Fundamental economics and the costs and benefits of addressing climate change

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions helps the economy

The effect of population growth on climate change impacts

Can humanity maintain perpetual economic growth?

Climate Science for People Really in a Hurry 2 – Economics

The leverage of the current moment on the long-term trajectory of the climate

Physical Climate Science

Contemporary Global Warming placed in geological context

Daily, Seasonal, Annual and Decadal Temperature Variability on a Single Graph

Climate Science for People Really in a Hurry

Signal, Noise and Global Warming’s Influence on Weather

Do ‘propagation of error’ calculations invalidate climate model projections of global warming?

Heat waves: How much can be blamed on global warming depends on how you ask the question.

Global Warming FAQ Videos

Global Warming FAQ Article

El Nino’s influence the upcoming season’s global land temperatures

Global Temperature Variability and the Pause

Response to Robert Tracinski’s article: “What It Would Take to Prove Global Warming”

Response to David Evans Opinion Piece on Climate Science

Climate Model Primer

Greenhouse Effect and the Earth’s Energy Budget

Data Contradicts Connection Between Earth’s Tilt and the Seasons

Global temperature: 2018 likely to be colder than 2017, record high possible in 2019

Modeled vs. observed global temperature: with and without ‘makeup’

Unforced Variability and the Global Warming Slow Down

2016 Global Temperature Update to Hansen’s 1981 Projection

2016 update of modeled vs. observed global temperature

2015 Global Temperature vs. Models

The State of Climate Science 2010 (Part 1 of 3)

The State of Climate Science 2010 (Part 2 of 3)

The State of Climate Science 2010 (Part 3 of 3)

On my own published research

Revisiting a Claim of Reduced Climate Sensitivity Uncertainty

Greater future global warming inferred from Earth’s recent energy budget

Combining Physical and Statistical Models in Order to Narrow Uncertainty in Projected Global Warming

Greater future global warming (still) inferred from Earth’s recent energy budget

AGU Talk on potential changes in temperature variability with warming

Change in temperature variability with warming

2016 Update to our ’empirical unforced noise’ analysis

Why do climate models disagree on the size of global temperature variability?

Video Summary of my PhD Dissertation

What do historical temperature records tell us about natural variability in global temperature?

Cloud feedback necessary for a basin-scale AMO

The stability of unforced global temperature – In plain English

The stability of unforced global temperature – Technical Discussion

2015 Record Warmth: Update to Our Recent Analysis

AGU Poster: Unforced Surface Air Temperature Anomalies and their Opposite Relationship with the TOA Energy Imbalance at Local and Global Scales

Global Warming and unforced variability: Clarifications on our recent study

Top-of-atmosphere contribution to unforced variability in global temperature


Probabilities of various records for the 2013 Wisconsin Badgers

Cumulative Connections Performance during the NCAA Tournament

Point Spread Calculation

Cumulative Connections Ranking Takes Early Lead

Pre-tourney Cumulative Connections NCAA Basketball Rankings

College Basketball Cumulative Connections Ranking 3/4/2013