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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions helps the economy

Potential solutions to climate change are often framed as a tradeoff between reducing our impact on the environment and harming the economy. More specifically, it is thought that we can reduce our climate-change-related impact by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases … Continue reading

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Math Models and Climate Change: S.T.E.M. Day talk at Quarry Lane School

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The effect of population growth on climate change impacts

Global human population is currently at approximately 7.5 billion people and increasing by about 1.1% per year. However, the rate of growth of the population growth rate itself is decreasing so world population is expected to level off somewhere near … Continue reading

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Can humanity maintain perpetual economic growth?

…to understand modern economic history, you really need to understand just a single word. The word is growth. –from Sapiens (2014) Humanity is far more materially wealthy today than any time in the past and our collective wealth continues to … Continue reading

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Change in temperature variability with warming

We have a new paper out in Nature Climate Change on potential changes in natural unforced variability of global mean surface air temperature (GMST) under global warming. Paper News and Views piece Duke press release Unforced GMST variability is of … Continue reading

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