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Probabilities of various records for the 2013 Wisconsin Badgers

UPDATE 12/1/2013: Wisconsin finished the regular season at 9-3 (the most likely outcome according to the original prediction). They lost the two games that they were probabilistic underdogs in and they dropped another game that they were probabilistic favorites in (as was … Continue reading

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Cumulative Connections Performance during the NCAA Tournament

In a previous post I mentioned that I wanted to test the reliability of the cumulative connections team ranking method by keeping track of the number of NCAA tournament games in which the higher ranked team actually won the game. … Continue reading

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Point Spread Calculation

I have added a feature the the cumulative connections ranking system that predicts point spreads of future NCAA basketball games based on the difference in their ratings. The method uses a simple linear regression between all the score differences and … Continue reading

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Cumulative Connections Ranking Takes Early Lead

I am using this year’s NCAA tournament as a testing ground for my cumulative connections ranking method (explained here) compared to other ranking methods (both computer and human). The evaluation is simple. I am just going to keep track of the percentage … Continue reading

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Pre-tourney Cumulative Connections NCAA Basketball Rankings

*’Votes’ are distributed by margin of victory (explanation here). *After the tournament I will assess how well this ranking method did compared to other computer ranking methods (KenPom, ESPN-BPI, Jeff Sargrin) as well as rankings from people (AP Poll, Coaches … Continue reading

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College Basketball Cumulative Connections Ranking 3/4/2013

A description of the method can be found here. 

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